History & Constitution

Club History and Purpose

The NSW Deerstalkers Association was founded on the 7th of June 1972 by a group of dedicated hunters with a common interest and passion to develop a Game Management Scheme.

The initial objective of the Association was to improve the quality of the Historical Glenn Innes herd of Black Fallow deer liberated by landowners in the 1800’s, using the same management principles adopted by the National Parks and Wildlife, Tasmania.

The landowners of the area were approached and agreed to participate in the scheme, whereupon the scheme members embarked on a culling program to improve the quality of the herd.

Members collected research data on animals culled and through a grid system animal sightings were recorded. The well being and quality of the herd improved over the next six years to become the nucleus of much of the original breeding stock for deer farmers in NSW.

Since foundation the association has prospered to a membership of 200 members from all walks of life and some from overseas.

The club is an incorporated association in NSW and therefore operates under a written Constitution and Code of Conduct.

Being one of the premium hunting organizations in NSW we are affiliated with the NSW Shooting Association and Firearms Safety Awareness Council (Club No: 28) having 21 Firearm Safety Awareness Officers around the State available to train applicants for submissions of documentation to apply for a Shooters License.

The NSW Deerstalkers Association is also a founding member of the Game Management Council of Australia, (Gamecon) from which the NSW Gvt body Game Council was formed, we have 16 authorised testing officers throughout the State (Club License No:1) for those hunters with a Game License wishing to acquire an R licence to hunt on designated Public land.

Being an approved Hunting Club under the Firearms Regulation, our members are bound to comply with those regulations. We have Public Liability Insurance which covers members in the field and member to member.

Club activities include regular meetings, club hunts, safety training, audiovisual nights and we encourage family participation in hunting and game management.


Terms and Conditions

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